'Empowering individuals to achieve independence through music & technology

 What we do

M.I.A.T provides workshops in music production, video production, and DJ skills to individuals in the Birmingham, West Midlands area.  Workshops are deliverable throughout the UK.  Focussed primarily on students in the category of being NEET (not in education, employment, or training).

Workshops available include 'Introduction to DJing' using Vinyl, CD & WAV, 'Basic mixer functions', Tempo & BPM, cueing tracks, DJ tricks & techniques, Pitch shifting & creative techniques. Workshops are also available to individuals from other sections of society including those who are currently incarcerated or otherwise marginalised from mainstream society.

We are keen to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds and all are encouraged to engage with our services irrespective of race, gender, orientation, disabilities or, religious affiliations. Sessions focus on helping individuals grasp the concepts they will need to know to perform well in their chosen subject. A long-term focus on empowering individuals is favoured over a short-term problem-solving strategy.

Music Production Workshops

Work in partnership with our team of producers and beat makers to compose your music track(s)

These workshops are delivered on a one-to-one basis. If you're a novice or a total beginner this is the course to kick-start your journey as a music producer. No prior production or music knowledge is required and you can learn with any genre of music.

  • Composing music 
  • Create a sample library
  • Recording studio sound
  •  Remixing and Production
  •   Solo music composition
  •  Studio sound mixing & mastering

DJ Skills Workshops

These workshops are delivered on a one-to-one basis. You'll start learning about standard DJ equipment including the Pioneer CDJ and DJM mixer set-up used in the majority of clubs alongside Rekordbox. You can also learn with Serato, Traktor, or Virtual DJ if you contact us first.

  •   How to download and organise your music collection
  •  How to use Rekordbox, Serato, or Virtual DJ to prepare your playlists 
  •  How to mix harmonically
  •  How to use the industry standard decks & record your set
  •   How to beat a match with the jog wheel
  •  How to use the mixer and blend your tracks with the EQs
  •   All about phrasing, track structures and the timing of your mixes
  •   How to use the colour FX

Radio Presentation Workshops 

These workshops are delivered on a one-to-one basis. If you're a novice or a total beginner this is the course to get kick-started as a radio broadcaster. No prior radio production or music knowledge is required and you can learn with any genre of music, or by discussing your chosen subject as part of a radio talk show.

  •   What a journalist is looking for and what makes a good story
  •  How to develop key messages for media interviews
  •  The do’s and don’ts when delivering a media interview
  •  How to successfully convey key messages in an interview
  •  How to prepare for and deliver interviews for TV and radio
  •   How to handle challenging questions and the ‘bridging technique’
  •   How to manage the media in proactive or challenging interview situations

Unique Learning Experiences to Drive Engagement 

Whether you are aspiring towards a music career, are already established in the music industry, or simply wish to acquire some new and transferable digital media skills, M.I.A.T can provide music production services that are tailored to suit your needs. We provide several vices that can be delivered throughout the United Kingdom on a one-to-one or group-work basis.  


Songwriting  Workshops

Working in collaboration with our team of songwriters, participants have the opportunity to comprise, perform, and record their original songs. Even if you believe you don’t know how to write a song, you may find yourself surprised at the music bottled up within you. The songwriting process varies from artist to artist, but if you approach it with a plan, you’ll have the tools necessary to produce your very first song.

To write your song, our team of songwriters will support you to start simply and layer in complexity as you go. These workshops will teach you how to do the following

  •   Improvise a chorus melody
  •  Find the appropriate chords
  •  Write each section of a song
  • Add lyrics
  •   Pick a song title

Podcast Workshops

Podcasting has never been more popular. It offers a simple and effective method of getting messages across to thousands of people who visit company websites or dedicated podcasting sites.

  •   How to plan content for a podcast
  •  How to record high-quality audio
  •  How to post and promote a podcast
  •   How to package and edit to create a professional podcast
  •   Practical skills to record your first episode

Videocasting Workshops

Video is a powerful online communication tool with a vast range of exciting and useful applications. Uploaded to hosting channels such as YouTube, Wistia and Vimeo, the video gives your messages global reach.


Well shot and effectively edited footage with top-quality sound has a powerful impact and can reinforce the power of your brand. 

  •   What equipment is needed to produce professional video and how to use it
  •  How to plan a video shoot and storyboard
  •  How to set up a video shot and operate a video camera
  •  How to conduct an interview to capture a soundbite
  •   How to shoot and capture video
  •   How to edit raw video footage using Adobe Premier Pro
  •   How to upload to video hosting platforms
  •   How to optimise video for search engines
  •   HHow to promote video online

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